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You're traveling to another dimension (But only until you get all that adventure out of your system. Then it's back to your hometown.) Another dimension not only of flapping and honking, but of SNORF CHEW CHOMP GLUGG GLUGG GLUPPP!!! A journey into a boring, suburban town whose boundaries are only that of its author's limited 1950s point of view.

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I'm the luckiest person in the history of people!

Back in January I sent John Lasseter a birthday card. Yesterday I received an envelope with a letter from Pixar AND an autographed picture! I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH FROM JOHN LASSETER!!!! AN AUTOGRAPH!!!!!! This is the greatest thing to happen since I met (And got an autograph) from Annie Potts!!!

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Crush Story

Today I saw my crush from sixth grade to ninth for the first time in over two years. Now I can't stop thinking about him. What the heck is wrong with me? I've barely given him a second thought since I was a sophomore. Even if he walked in right now with a bouquet of roses and asked me to the movies down on one knee, I'd say no (Picky, aren't you?).
There are too many bad memories attached to this guy to ever have a relationship with him. Too many hurt words and circumstances beyond our control to even be friends again. Once upon a time he was one of my best pals. Then I fell for him hard. We probably would've gone out, if not for a jealous best friend spreading rumors about us and the fact we both were too immature for anything beyond friendship.
I regret nothing other than trusting Melissa (Bitch.). I was eleven and too young for a boyfriend. I know that now, but at the time I was envisioning a house and two kids with him. Stupid. You should have been studying.
I chased after him for the next three years (So did Melissa. Again I say Bitch.). But by the summer between ninth and tenth grade, I was tired of this endless game of cat-and-mouse. We weren't even speaking to each other. And so I gave up. Crushed on other guys. Went out with one (Didn't work out. He was more of a buddy than a beau.). After graduate, I saw him once or twice at college, but I never gave it much thought.
Then today I passed him on the way to class. Now he's on my mind and I'm tempted to remove him with a crowbar. I don't even want to date right now! This is my time! In ten years or so, I'll probably be tied down with a husband, a job, and kids (And hopefully a dog. I really want a dog.). Now is the time for ME ME ME! I get to be selfish and devote my time to what I want. ME!
I know you never forget your first love (If that's what you want to call it. What does a sixth grader know about love anyway?), but this is just one part of my life I wish could stay buried.

Dustin, Dustin, fly away home.
Melissa is on fire.
And my love all gone.
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Bluth pt. 2:

Ok, I know it wasn't fair for me to blame Judith Barsi's death for Don Bluth major suckage in the past twenty years or so. But you notice right after she died, he stopped making darker, more serious films and switched to sugarcoated crap on a stick? How do you go from 'The Secret of Nihm' to 'Rock-a-Doodle'? From 'The Land Before Time' to 'A Troll in Central Park'?
The sad thing is Bluth's made way more bad films than good. I can tick off four good films, three made before 1990 (I haven't seen 'All Dogs' the whole way though; I wasn't allowed to see it as a child, but from the clips I have seen, it looks like the darkest thing Bluth's ever done.).
I probably could've sat through 'Titan A.E', but Drew Barrymore's so miscast, everytime I hear her, I want to pull out my hair.
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Barsi died and took the best of Bluth

Ok, that's not really fair. Don Bluth already had two good films under his belt before he cast Judith Barsi as Ducky in 'The Land Before Time.' And ever since she died, it seems Bluth has spent the rest of his career looking for a character as cute and appealing as Barsi made Ducky.
Some of Bluth's films have had as many as ten 'cutesy' characters (See Rock-A-Doodle and Thumbelina.). These sickly sweet sweeties make "Hello Kitty" look like punk rock. Not mention they're just plain annoying. Every film, every time (OK, I haven't sat through Titan A.E. yet. The miscast Drew Barrymore makes me want to pull my hair out every time I hear her.). Even Anastasia, the closet thing Bluth's gotten to a masterpiece since LBT, had Pooka, the big eyed adorable puppy. Bleh.
I'm sick today, so I'll finish up this article another time. My head is clogged and it's making it difficult to write coherently.
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I don't think I'm going to college next semester; I'm so burned out on school. There's an adult living program out in Carbondale that I've signed up for; don't know how it'll last, but Mom said I can't go to school and go to Carbondale. I will go back to school next fall, God willing, but right now I can't even think about college without feeling tired.
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Damn storms...

Giant ice storm on Thursday. Our power (And pretty much everyone else's) went out. We got ours back an hour or so ago. I'm at Dad's working on a project, or rather waiting for my damn partners to get their lazy butts in gear and email me their stuff like they should have weeks ago. Cross your fingers.

The town's still a mess; branches and power lines everywhere. We lost the little fir tree next to our trailer. It's split down the middle like a banana peel. The sun melted a lot of the ice, but there's still chips and slush everywhere. I like stomping on ice chips; they make 'crunch crunch' noises like glass.
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